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R2 Building Mexico

Our Team in Mexico

Meet our team in Mexico. We are proud to have a team as dedicated to driving change as we are. We have skilled administrative staff, engineers, architects, specialized construction skills and general labor. It is a honor to work with every employee.

Monterrey is a world leader when it comes to steel manufacturing and metal fabrication. This city has been home to some of the largest and most innovative steel companies for more than a century, producing quality products that are used in industries around the world.

Monterrey’s steel industry has grown exponentially in recent years due to the city’s favorable geographical location, access to raw materials, and a secure supply of electricity.

Technical Partnership

Chantiers de l’Atlantique
CDA is R2’s technical partner in developing modular building systems based on their decades of experience as a marine construction company. Located on France’s Atlantic seaboard, CdA builds the world’s largest passenger ships based on its exceptional know-how as a designer and integrator. CdA is also internationally recognized for its R&D activity and continuous improvement in quality, cost and efficiency. CdA processes 60,000 tons of steel per year and manufacturers 4,000 cabin modules annually. In a typical year, CdA launches 2-3 mega cruise ships with $1 billion USD price tags. Over the last 20 years CdA has effectively doubled its labor productivity. Based on its advanced industrialization processes it year-after-year produces larger, more luxurious, more efficient, and safer ships in less time and at a lower unit cost than the prior year, thereby far exceeding the progress made by its land-based construction counterparts. CdA is helping R2 bring the highly refined modular delivery systems and business processes that they have perfected for shipbuilding to bear on R2 so that we can become a throughput driven real estate development machine.
Yves Guillermit
Yves Guillermit is R2’s technical advisor for lean manufacturing and building industrialization. Mr. Guillermit is the co-founder of Weez-U Welding, a French startup developing automated welding systems for the shipbuilding and steel fabrication industry. Prior to founding Weez-U Mr. Guillermit piloted the “Smart Factory” initiative at CdA overseeing the analysis and implementation of the company’s strategic investments in productivity improvement. Prior to the Smart Factory initiative, Mr. Guillermit was the director of CdA’s modular factory producing 4000 accommodation modules per year with 160 workers. Mr. Guillermit holds an engineering degree from the University of Paris-Saclay and has also managed lean production activities in aerospace manufacturing and civil construction in France. Mr. Guillermit continues to consult for CdA on new productivity initiatives and special projects including R2.