About Us

R2 building’s core belief is that we can build better, livable, affordable cities for all.

Better, faster, less expensive, industrialized construction.

We, the founders of R2 Building, have dedicated our careers to solving our ever-growing accessible housing problem. Today, the chain of greater successive generational opportunity has been broken. We live surrounded by compounding poverty and homelessness that we believe in fixing for our future generations.

Our answer is the industrialization of real estate development. The production lines of the automobile brought the car to middle-class families across the world. We intend to do the same for housing production. Unlike the automobile, our product does not conveniently drive down the highway on its way to customers.

Instead, we’ve looked to the model of modern shipbuilding. Our technical partner, Chantiers de l’Atlantique (“CdA”) have been master shipbuilders of cruise liners and other ships for over 100 years. Today CdA is a fully industrialized, highly automated operation that has advanced modular ship construction to a science, reducing labor costs and production time, while delivering billion dollar projects on 24 month schedules and delivering on time and on budget. Every time. Comparable projects on land typically take years longer and 90% of such projects are over budget, over schedule, or both. We’re applying the refined methods of modern shipbuilding to building construction and with CdA we’re getting a 40-year head start on the industrialization process.

R2 Building is leveraging our team’s experience engineering, manufacturing, and our technical partnership with CDA to industrialize housing construction and transform the real estate industry. Our steel shipbuilding-based methods will empower us to build 250-unit apartment buildings in only 6 months at 60% of the cost of traditional methods, all while delivering six-sigma quality and reducing our environmental impacts. This may sound incredible, and it is, but through industrialization we can bring to real estate the same benefits realized in every other production-based industry decades ago.

More About Our Modular Real Estate Vision

R2 Building is the only company that integrates all of the following

Ability to build 80% of a project offsite with proven technology

Panels integrating structure, building skin, and core MEPS systems in a weathertight enevelope, creating a non-structural volumetric living modules

High-rise capability

Vertically integrated team with history of delivering modular buildings and presence in all aspects of the value chain